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Karlsberg Brauerei got a lot right with MiXery from the start: the first, the best, the champion. But then came the imitators, the me-too products, the copycats with big budgets and pressure on the market. And, with them, the question of how we could achieve the most successful communication possible with a minimal budget.

Out Of Home


Sometimes it really is so simple: it tastes good – or it doesn’t. The best way to find out is to be part of the target group. But that is easier said than done. However, encounters in close proximity to the target group – offline or online – are always the basis of the MiXery communication.

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Constant new products and a dynamic market are naturally exciting – thanks to new recipes and the secret ingredient X. It is also possible to work communicatively with that – via a smart network of touchpoints and tools.


MiXery is the market leader among beer mix umbrella brands and the market leader for cola beer. And that has been achieved with a fraction of the communication budget of the competition.

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