Pritt was an analogue brand in a digital world. That is why we presented the core values of the brand – fun and creativity – in a new and relevant way, delicately reworked the character design of the brand ambassador Mr Pritt and prepared and successfully accompanied the internal and external roll-out on over 20 markets worldwide.

Character design


What works in one country does not necessarily work in a different one. That sounds obvious, but it is the greatest challenge for global brands looking for synergies. In this case, market research helped define the one globally relevant source of power of the Pritt brand: Mr Pritt.



After that, the way forward was clearly signposted: we redefined the character design of the brand ambassador Mr Pritt, created a new brand world and digital touchpoints around him and then successively integrated this world into brand communication, packaging and the POS.

play play play


As early as the development phase, we were able to prepare global roll-outs on 20 markets with a time to market of eight months in such a way that they were not only fast, but also very successful.

Brand World

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