Why It Sometimes Still Makes Sense to Spend All Your Money on Good Old Advertising.


Remember advertising agencies? These days, no one wants to refer to themselves as an advertising agency; otherwise, people get the impression you missed a trend. These days it’s preferable to call yourself “something something communication.” OK, we did that a few years ago …

But who is still catering to the most classic of all advertising forms, the classic advertisement? Exactly. We always have. We always will. Because we know that everything is communication. Only there are more channels than there used to be. And that’s a good thing too. But it’s still true that good old advertising still has a lot to say these days.

Hello TV, movies, posters, print advertising, and whatever you’re called – that is only for you.

The Kiss


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Customer: Heineken – Brand: Desperados – Project: Image Campaign

Desperados is the tequila-flavored beer by Heineken. Unique and for alpha personalities. The setting: a bar, urban beach. A woman, a man, a Desperados, a drip of sweat, a kiss. A new image campaign is complete – one that shows that something erotic can actually come out of market research.

I’ll Just Leave These on.


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Customer: Reno – Brand: Reno – Project: Image Campaign

Know the feeling? You just put the shoes on and even before you take a look in the mirror, you know: I’ll take them. You know the first place you’re going to wear them, and you also know exactly how you’ll feel when you do. This is the feeling we used when we implemented an image campaign with three commercials and relaunched an old slogan.

Open Your World.


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Customer: Heineken – Brand: Heineken – Project: Positioning Campaign

For Heineken, we developed a positioning campaign for the German market with the aim of more strongly implementing and stabilizing the “Open Your World” slogan. Heineken is now the world’s most international premium beer brand in every time zone. Even in Germany.

Everything You Can Imagine.


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Customer: Henkel – Brand: Pritt – Project: Global Campaign Rollout

What works in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another. This may sound simple, but it’s the biggest challenge faced by global brands in search of synergies. We developed a new brand world and digital touchpoints around the brand ambassador Mr. Pritt, then gradually incorporated this world into the brand communication and packaging, and at the POS. We were able to prepare the global print and TV campaign in more than 20 markets in such a way during the development stage that, with a time to market of eight months, it was not only quick, but also highly successful.

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