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Communications about Crop Protection

We help the agricultural industry by providing integrated communication solutions for international markets to aid in its quest to tackle what may be the biggest challenge faced by humanity: Expertise, awareness, and product campaigns support these CropScience projects in achieving targeted communication on a regional to global scale. We’ve laid the groundwork.

Integrated Weed Management

Effecting global change calls for a strong, impactful concept. That is what we developed and implemented for the international Bayer project IWM that seeks to protect food supplies through weed management. From planning to creation to activation, new means of communication are constantly being developed – be they tweets, video campaigns, or even roadshows in individual countries. Our approach has made Bayer AG the global thought leader for integrated weed management.

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Better Life Farming

Better Life Farming is an alliance of leading private-sector companies providing holistic and innovative solutions that enable smallholders to unlock their farming potential. By connecting global expertise with local insights and partners, the alliance offers advanced agricultural practices, seeds, precision irrigation, crop protection, finance, insurance, digital technologies, and access to markets, each customized to fully address smallholders’ needs at scale. That needs a communication strategy for a wide spectrum of global target groups – from local farmers to political stakeholders.

Brand Development

Corporate Design

Information Design

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Social Media Management


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Content Marketing Strategy

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