All Matters of Taste

Communications for Beverage Brands

We develop integrated communication solutions that work on all channels of the complex beverage market for national and international beverage brands and their products. This can be a complete rebranding, developing packaging design for a new product, or devising digital launch campaigns. One thing is obvious: Anything goes. Somebody just has to do it.


For many years, we have been providing 360° communications for the MiXery brand, helping it become market leader and maintain its dominance in the highly contested sector of beer mixes. After rebranding, we followed up with print campaigns, sales promotions, and further development of the brand portfolio. At the same time, we helped the brand transition into the digital age, using content-marketing activities to constantly adapt it to the always evolving target group.


Design Relaunch

Image Campaign

Website Concept & Design

Packaging Design

Content Strategy & Production

Product Campaign

On-Pack / POS Promotion


The increasing number of coffee brands makes the market and communications more complex. Standing out from the rest is becoming more challenging. For that reason, we went back to the basics for the positioning of I·O: 100 % caffè. Nothing more and nothing less. If 99% means falling short of the company’s own quality requirements, the positioning’s creative implementation has to live up to high standards. We created an entire world that embodies these expectations – from sugar sticks to the flagship store.

Flagship Store Design

Print Campaign B2B

Food Photography


Key Visual Image Communication

Packaging Design

Visual Brand Design

Event & Trade Show Communication


Keo is the tea brand with a surprise twist: Every year, the company launches new flavors, innovative utensils and accessories, promotions to increase sales, and individual services for the hospitality industry. And that poses a special challenge for design, packaging, product features, and communications.


Development Brand World

Sales Equipment

Event & Trade Show Communication

Additional Equipment

Print Campaign B2B

Limited Editions

Packaging Design


Desperados is the tequila-flavored beer by Heineken. Unique and for alpha personalities. The setting: a bar, an urban beach. A woman, a man, a Desperados, a drip of sweat, a kiss. A new TV commercial is complete – one that shows that something erotic can actually come out of market research.

play play play

Cinema & TV Commercial for the European Market


Being in the right place at the right time is not always easy for international brands. We helped Heineken avoid jet lag in neighboring Germany: We achieved this by developing a positioning campaign that more strongly implements and bolsters the slogan “Open Your World” for the German market. Heineken is now “The World’s Most International Premium Beer Brand” in every time zone. That includes Germany.


Campaign Visual “The Most International Beer“

Customizable Screen Saver “World Clock“

Ambient Installation Airport

Cooperation Time Magazine