Who Says That You Don’t Have to Reinvent Everything All the Time?

Brand Building

Sometime it’s important to turn your brand around 180 degrees. Or 72 degrees. Or 23. You can’t always do that without making your target group dizzy. But a strong brand can withstand quite a bit:

Pritt, MiXery, Bayer Garden – three brands that couldn’t be more different from each other have one common denominator: they all needed to reinvent themselves to keep from losing relevance. The good news – it worked. The bad news – it also hurt a bit.

Our path was clear: Find the brand’s source of strength. Understand your target group and what moves them. Use this to extrapolate search fields in which the brand needs to become active. It actually sounds quite easy, but it isn’t.

Everything You Can Imagine.


Customer: Henkel – Brand: Pritt – Project: Global Brand Relaunch

Pritt was an analog brand in a digital world. That is why we repositioned the core values of the brand – fun and creativity – in a new and relevant way, delicately revamped the character design of the brand ambassador, Mr. Pritt, and successfully prepared and supervised the internal and external rollout across 20 markets throughout the world.

Taste Tuned


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Customer: Karlsberg Brauerei – Brand: MiXery – Project: Integrated Brand Communication

With MiXery, Karlsberg Brauerei did a lot of things correctly from the very beginning. They were the first, the best, the champion. But then the imitators, the me-too products, the copycats with big budgets entered the market and put pressure on them. And with them came the question “how can we achieve maximum successful communication with a minimum budget?” The answer: positioning based on “taste” and a smart network of tools and touchpoints.

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It’s Your Garden.

Bayer Garden

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Customer: Bayer AG – Brand: Bayer Garden – Project: International Brand Relaunch

Bayer Garden is the garden brand of Bayer AG for end users. With a broad product portfolio and an even broader target group profile, the brand faces a particularly difficult challenge with respect to its communication across Europe. However, one brand value unifies the various target groups: passion. Based on this, we developed a communicative framework that makes it easy for the individual country organizations to flexibly adapt their communication to the needs of their market.

Great to Work With.

tesa SE

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Customer: Beiersdorf / tesa SE – Brand: tesa – Project: Global Brand Relaunch

We repositioned the tesa industry brand globally and standardized its communications. To do so, we conducted more than 100 workshops and interviews with 294 tesa employees in seven countries, thereby preparing and simplifying the rapid global implementation of the brand’s new image. These initial steps established a common understanding of and enthusiasm about the brand values, and ultimately resulted in a positioning that brought people and technology together.