Get rid of all your clothes, and I will tell you who you really are.

Communication and Brand Strategy

What does a passing glance reveal when your plan is to get right to the heart of things? That is why it is sometimes required to reveal more of yourself.

What is clear is that only those who really know their brand can gain the leading edge over the competition. For all those who are ready to rediscover your brand: welcome to Bernstein Strategists.

What | Pay attention!

The world is complex. And the universe that constantly surrounds you is far more complex. It’s time to straighten everything out and focus on what really makes a difference. Be the decision maker that your brand needs!


How | Take a look!

With an experienced view from a holistic, economic perspective, we help you recognize the larger, strategic relationships, and develop strategies for your company from them. In our case, the “We” is not its own detached area of our agency. Rather, our strategists work closely together with the core team in the project. The advantage for you is that you get exactly the strategy your company needs – in the dose it needs.


Why | Go even further!

Sometimes a short leap helps you regain the lead. Whether you need us for a short sprint or for the extra mile, we will guide you both in short-term topics as well as in long-term brand and corporate strategies. Whatever distance you are going for, we ought to just get to know each other.




Success does not come from following. But rather from doing. Our workshops offer the best option for fast, immediate feedback, and generate specific input. This provides results that you can directly work with.



Admittedly, most of the work is in preparing for a workshop. Here, we combine proven methods with new concepts. Thus, we develop individual workshops led by us in which we work together with you to develop the content that we have defined in advance.



From a short and (relatively) painless assessment to a multiday brand/communication or content camp – you bring the requirements and we will provide the team as well as the right tools. We will design, plan, moderate, and document your workshop – at our premises or anywhere in the world at a location of your choice. Learn about our workshop packages:

One day. One topic. One team.

An overview of our most successful workshops:

Brand Workshop
On the inside

How well do you know your brand? Do you know what it can do, what it looks like, how it speaks? Is it clear to everyone who your brand actually is? In this one-day workshop, we will work specifically on this aspect together. The topics are brand positioning and strategy.

Communication Workshop
On the outside

Do you know your brand, and are you ready to let it speak? Then go for it! In this workshop, we will develop channels and touchpoints together along the customer journey, and focus on the communication strategy, campaign ideas, and content.

Impulse Workshop
Into the unknown

Houston, we don’t have a problem: in this workshop, you present your current challenges, and together we will shed light on these challenges.

Sound good? Talk to us – Bernstein Strategist Kathrin Keßler is looking forward to hearing from you. Send an e-mail to or call +49 (0) 421 33916 0.