Find Your Voice and Use It.

Community Management

What do an 18-year-old moped-driving temp worker from Bielefeld, a top decision-maker from the World Health Organization, and the head of marketing at LATAM – an international industrial corporation – have in common?

They are all ideal representatives of their target group. It is imperative that we recognize, know, and understand them. Because until we do, we won’t be able to build a community of individuals.

While it is a question of image for some, for others, it is data and facts that are the decisive factors for brand loyalty. Others, in turn, need to be brought on board first in the truest sense of the word.

Taste Tuned


Customer: Karlsberg Brauerei – Brand: MiXery – Project: Integrated Brand Communication

If you have a target group that feels particularly comfortable hanging out together, you need to give them the opportunity to form a group. With a smart network of events, music, and travel offerings, we have created various touchpoints that give our community the opportunity to find one another.

Welcome on Board.


  • Workspace
  • Video-certificate-airplane
  • Social media infographic flyer
  • brochure

Customer: Bayer AG Crop Science Division – Brand: Sivanto – Project: Internal Community Building

An internal but international target group that is constantly changing needs special attention and measures. Through internal communication measures, they are continuously informed, motivated, and activated. Our term for this is “onboarding.”

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