How to Tell Campfire Stories Without a Campfire.

Content Campaigning

Who says that content campaigning only happens online? Exactly. And since content is not only catsbut also king, you always need to address the most important components of communication correctly.

To do this, we follow three simple guidelines:

Know Your Target Group and Know Where It Can Be Found.
Have a Plan.
Always Develop New Options to Stage Your Content in New Ways.

Diversity Is the Future.

Bayer Integrated Weed Management

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  • Learn-Create-Measure

Customer: Bayer AG – Brand: Integrated Weed Management – Project: Global Competency Communication

Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) program is a global approach to improving agricultural productivity and sustainably protecting food supplies through customized weed control solutions. For this, we developed an international communications concept that we are supporting across all social media channels – from planning to creation to activation. Our Performance Data Management helps us to continually adjust content and sustainably increase performance.

Good thing our viral spots didn’t have performance problems …

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Customer: NGK / NTK – Brand: NGK – Project: VISION

Yes, offline target groups do still really exist! NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH is a leading manufacturer of ignition parts and vehicle electronics. When we were asked to relaunch their existing analog customer magazine VISION – everything from its look to its content – we defined a clear goal: tailored content that meets the interests of the target group but that can be repurposed digitally going forward.

Bigger Picture

Bayer AG

Customer: Bayer AG – Brand: Various – Project: Interactive Content Platform

We implemented a new, interactive content platform for the Bayer Crop Science Division and integrated it into Bayer AG’s existing Web framework. The Bigger Picture that we developed with our partner Kubikfoto3 enables users to navigate through a fascinating combination of a photo and video and to learn more about the world of the Crop Science Division in a fun way.

Small-scale farmers in Asia are the backbone of the world’s rice production. For them, rice is not only a food; it is an important foundation of life. Travel along with us to Vietnam, find your own way through the Bigger Picture, and learn more about the world of Vietnamese rice farmers.