Perhaps you Googled “Bernstein advertising agency Bremen.” Or “Bremen advertising agency.” Perhaps even “creative agency Bremen” or even “best creative agency Bremen.” “Digital agency Bremen,” “content marketing Bremen,” or even “content campaigning” may have led you here, maybe even “SEO agency Bremen.” At any rate, we’re sorry, this is the wrong place. Because if there is one way to describe us, it’s that we don’t fit into a box. Boxes are cumbersome, drab, and you often can’t find what you’re looking for. Whatever you’re looking for, our Creative Hub already thinks you’re great.

Ideas for a Connected World

What We Do for Fun and Income.


For us everything is communication. When your start from this point you’ll see that the ecosystem of communication is made of mentions, experiences, investigations, interactions, learnings – or in short, connections are not linear. With everything always on beta we are developing ideas for a connected world which constantly reshape the relationship between companies, consumer, retailers, employees, products, brands, shareholders, partners and everybody else who is part of this. Sounds fun? Well, it’s a journey!

The Creative Hub

How We Do What We Do (Except the Magic Part).


One could assume it is just the way it is. Or you make sure that it is just how it could be.

That is why we have thrown all classic agency models overboard in order to finally be able to work and to serve things better. Our “Creative Hub” is the answer to all the challenges that we face anew every day – with a new mindset and a different skill set in order to always find the best and most suitable solution. Our Creative Hub is a broad, agile, and very elastic network and a team of people who can grasp the complexity of today’s communication systems on an intellectual level, can manage them creatively, and can control them procedurally.

Okay, a little bit of magic comes into play as well. But that’s another story.

F***ing Delicious

Why Everything Should Always Be Awesome.


We think that everything should be F***ing Delicious.

The thing with F***ing Delicious things is that they are often so damn good because they are simple, exciting, and successful. The focus of our work is creating exactly that. How do we get there? Our experience shows us that those who think holistically do not need to work in an integrated fashion. The rest comes (almost) by itself.

The People

Meet Us.